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FALLEN LEAF - Download Game

Fallen Leaf is a 2d platform game developed by Delta Shore Games where you play charismatic characters who, after entering an unknown cave, end up releasing an ancient evil and an ancient wizard who will help you defeat the villain through a vast world, full of secrets and inspired in 8-bit era games.

The game has 2d platform gameplay where you jump, use platforms and shoot projectiles while defeating your enemies and finding secrets scattered around the place. The visuals are pleasing and seem themed, inspired by trees and leaves and with music quite inspired by the sound of consoles like the Famicom.

For a demo build, Fallen Leaf has a lot of content. Features a city with plenty of characters, minigames, secrets, secret passages, two characters and boss battles. You can spend a good amount of time exploring the available content while accessing new areas.

Check out the Fallen Leaf gameplay

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