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FEAR TAPES: GAME SHOW: Survive a Macabre Game in this sequel to the Fear Tapes Series

Fear Tapes: Game Show is a first-person survival horror indie game that was produced by Matthew Ager and published on the indie gaming platform on October 23th of this year. Game Show is the continuation of the previous game in the Fear Tapes series, Scrap Yard. You are a guy who receives a collection of tapes and watches each one of them, this time you watch a recording, entitled "Carnival", where you follow a victim of a macabre game show and her struggle to survive that hell.

There's not much to talk about here about Matthew Ager, the guy makes short but cool games. He was the mind behind a great universe, which started on the Food for Pigs game. What you see in Fear Tapes: Game Show is the basics of the games he produced: graphics that refer to a retro look with VHS filter and simple gameplay, as well as a story divided into parts that are assembled with each game.

Check out the gameplay of Fear Tapes: Game Show and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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