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FEAR TAPES: SCRAP YARD: Survive a Ghoulish Game of Life and Death in this Survival Horror Game

Fear Tapes: Scrap Yard is a first-person survival horror indie game produced by Matthew Ager and published on October 11th of this year. The game does not have a defined plot. According to the game's page on, a person finds a box of VHS tapes with the title "Promotional Materials" on it. When you open the box and look at the tapes, you will find, among them, a tape titled "Scrap Yard". Intrigued by the title, you put it on the VHS player and take a look. In the video, you control a person who wakes up in a survival game, and your objective is to find and trigger three generators and find the way out. But you are not alone.

Matthew Ager kind of needs no introduction. The guy is known for creating short horror games with an aesthetic that mixes low-poly visuals, VHS filtering and, for the most part, PSX-inspired style. It seems that this game will probably follow the same lines as a cinematic universe created by him, which began in Food For Pigs game. The look remains excellent, within the proposal made by him. And if we talk about gameplay, we can't even comment too much: Matthew Ager is standard here, if you've played any game or all the games released by it, you won't have any difficulty here in Fear Tapes: Scrap Yard.

You can check out the gameplay of Fear Tapes: Scrap Yard by clicking this link here and if you want to try the game yourself, you can download the little game by clicking on the page below.

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