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FILM MORBID: An Puzzle Game about An Escape Room Centered Around a Mysterious Projector

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Film Morbid is a short indie first-person puzzle game that was produced by Point Vertex, and published on the platform on April 11th of this year. In the game you wake up in a small messy room. At first, everything is dark except for a projector. When you turn it on, you discover that it has a roll of film, which is displayed on the wall. It's up to you to understand what this movie means as you interact with the room's surroundings and find a way to escape.

Morbid Film was developed within 10 days for this year's Black & White Game Jam, and in its visual aspect, the game couldn't better match the theme of the event: The game is played entirely in black and white, presenting us with a strong inspiration from 30's movies. As for the polygons and game elements, the visuals aren't that realistic in terms of textures, but it's beautiful nonetheless. In terms of gameplay, we have an excellent puzzle game here. The film running on the projector is the focal point here and it's up to you to imagine what the film wants to convey. Each corner of the room has a puzzle, which is answered according to what is in the movie.

Film Morbid has good potential and it would be interesting if Point Vertex followed that style, creating something huge or developing more on top of this game. Check out Film Morbid's gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested in playing it, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.



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