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FLAW DETECTION: Investigate Strange Signs in a Sewage Facility in this Experimental Horror Game

Flaw Detection is a first-person indie horror game produced by GuyWithTeaCup and published on the indie gaming platform "" on August 11th of that year. The plot of Flaw Detection takes place on September 3, 2005, in Kyoto, Japan. You control a maintenance worker who goes to a sewage facility for a routine check, along with your co-worker. Once there, you should investigate any strange signs that have appeared at specific points around the location and report them to your colleague.

Right away we say that the game is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. According to the game's creator, Flaw Detection is an experimental work that was produced as a kind of joke about the trend that has emerged in many indies games today, which is horror games with a retro style, more precisely based on graphics and gaming aesthetics on the PS1, the 32-bit console from Sony.

There's not much to say here other than that: the game has all the typical gameplay factors of the genre, like simple gameplay, jumpscares that appear at certain times. In the end, it's a nice little game and even interesting if we take into account the creator's declaration about his work.

You can check out the gameplay of Flaw Detection on this link here and download the game if you are interested in trying it out, clicking on the page below:

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