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FLIES IN A JAR: Investigate a Bunch of Flies in a Glass and read Emails in this Puzzle Game

Flies in a Jar is a short indie simulation and puzzle game produced by Jet Simon for this year's Github Game Off and published on the itch.io platform on November 14th. Flies in a Jar takes place in 2007, and you are a security guard working for FCL, a mysterious agency. It's your first day on the job and consists of watching several CCTV cameras and emails in case something strange happens.

The game features a low poly look, inspired by older PSX and even PC (MS-DOS) games. The gameplay here is very simple and is shown at the beginning of the game. Every time you solve a problem, you access other cameras, which will show you more clues that will help you solve other problems.

It's a very interesting little game that can be completed in a few minutes. You can check out the gameplay of Flies in a Jar as well as download the game (or play via browser) from the itch.io page below.


DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://simonjet.itch.io/flies-in-a-jar

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