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FORSAKEN PROJECT: Explore Mysterious Ruins on an Asteroid in this Descent-inspired Action Game

Forsaken Project is an indie action and first-person shooter game being produced by Edwar and whose prototype version was published on March 25th of this year, accessible on the page via HTML5. In Forsaken Project you are a pilot of the Reconnaissance Unit who was sent to a newly discovered asteroid in the middle of space, to explore the depths of ancient and mysterious ruins.

Right away we see a huge inspiration in games like Quake in terms of graphics. The game features a beautifully produced low-poly retro look. As for gameplay, it operates similarly to games like Descent and Forsaken: you control a ship that moves freely across multiple maps filled with enemies to defeat and keys, items, and health to find. The soundtrack is non-existent here (so far).

The prototype only presents the basics of visuals and gameplay, but it has good potential. We will certainly see more updates on the Forsaken Project in the future, and it will be interesting to see what new features it brings. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay and, if you're interested, you can play the demo on the game's own page. Just click on the respective links below.




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