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FRAME RUNNER: Face Strange Enemies, Quickly and Accurately, in a Virtual Reality in this Action Game

Frame Runner is a short 2D/3D indie action shooting game that was produced by Yozhik and published on January 8th of this year, on the platform. The game itself has no plot: you just control a Runner inside a virtual world, and you must use all your skills to reach the end.

The game itself is very simple, but interesting in the following points: graphics and gameplay. Frame Runner features a harmony between 2D characters that interact with 3D elements and act beautifully, which is also enhanced by a relaxing soundtrack. Fast-paced gameplay is perhaps a high point here: while it's quick to learn, it's also challenging. At various times you will need to be precise and act quickly, especially on bosses, as each mistake is a step forward towards a game over.

Without a doubt, Frame Runner is a simple game, with simple mechanics, but it requires skill from the player, and still be fun. It would be great if there was a story mode to give context to game events, plus new stages, bosses and abilities. The game has great potential. Check out the gameplay of Frame Runner and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.



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