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FROGUN: A PS1-Style Adventure Game where a Girl has to Save Her Parents Missing in the Ruins

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Frogun is an indie platform game that is being produced by Molegato and has no release date set. It will be distributed by Top Hat Studios and tells the adventures of Renata, a little girl who, along with her Frogun pistol, will face a series of dangers, deadly traps, enemies and rivals in the mission to find her parents.

Right away, the game has a charisma that will draw a lot of attention from fans of retro games, as it has all the features that had in PS1 and N64 games. The characters and scenarios were made using the low poly style, very common in games on these two consoles at the time. In addition to the look, another feature is that at times, your weapon speaks in a funny way, similar to the characters in Banjo-Kazooie (this could even be a feature present in all characters, which would further increase the charisma of the game. ).

The gameplay is very simple and the level of challenges is very progressive, but the factor of collecting coins, medals and emeralds makes up for the challenge, in addition to the secrets that are present in the levels. Anyway, Frogun is an extremely fun game, which goes for both old game fans and cute platform game fans.

So far, the game is still in development and is expected to be released in mid 2022. The gameplay of the demo can be checked out by clicking this link here and, FOR A LIMITED TIME, you can download the demo from the Kickstarter link below. Take the opportunity to put Frogun on your Steam wishlist too:

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