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FRONTIER DIVER PROGENEXIS: Face Monsters in a Ruined Earth in this Amazing Shoot 'em Up Game

Frontier Diver Progenexis is an indie shoot'em up game with horror elements produced by Modus Interactive and published on August 31 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Frontier Diver Progenexis, Earth suffered the so-called NT-Field collapse, which occurred 1000 years ago. The cataclysm left the land overrun by horrible creatures. Your mission, as the pilot of recon drone EXT_078, is to go to the depths of End City and destroy the monsters generated by the crisis.

The game is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. It was produced for the game jam of the famous Haunted PS1 community, the Summer of Shivers, made in this year. Right away, we see an authentic retro game that has all the face of a PSX game, or more precisely, it has the face of a specific PSX game: the Einhänder game, of the same genre, made by SquareEnix. Modus Interactive was pretty convincing here in terms of camera and graphics. As for gameplay, the game uses controls similar to FPS games, but here you don't shoot at your enemies, but destroy the projectiles they launch: pressing the left mouse button, your ship activates a scanner that destroys any projectile that is in its range.

The soundtrack is another aspect that I really liked. It draws on the good old electronic music of the time, as well as on the Einhänder game (to be honest, I believe they were really inspired by this game to make Frontier Diver Progenexis, without a doubt. The inspiration is very strong here). This little game is worth checking out. If you want to download it, the link to the game page is below. The gameplay can be seen by clicking on this link here.

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