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GANRYU 2 Demo: An Amazing Platformer Based In 17th century Inspired By Shinobi.

Ganryu 2 is a 2d platform action game inspired by ancient Japanese culture developed by Storybird Studio where you play as Miyamoto Musashi through fantastic 17th century Japan, north of the island of Ganryu-jima. The game is inspired by Takezo Musashi's story from the famous novel "The Stone and The Sword".

The game has a great Japanese influence not only in culture, but in all its aesthetics, starting with the sprites of the characters that are inspired by anime and the gameplay that refers to famous franchises like Shinobi, where you use kunais and swords to face your enemies and bosses, while exploring the scenarios for items and secrets.

The demo has only one complete level where you can explore hidden places, face different enemies and a boss with a very simple pattern. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful art, music and cutscenes that enrich the Ganryu 2 experience.

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