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GHOST IN THE WASHING MACHINE: Fix Washing Machines Taken by Spirits with Your Zapper

Ghost in the Washing Machine is a short, third-person adventure game that was produced by foxdogstudios within 72 hours for this year's Ludum Dare, and published on April 5th on the platform. In the game, you control a elderly washing machine maintenance engineer who just wanted to go home after a morning of work. However, he realizes that this is going to be a difficult task, as he has discovered that not only are some washing machines showing supernatural manifestations, but his boss has also offered him some odd batteries, which will help him solve this problem.

In terms of graphics, Ghost in the Washing Machine presents a style that, although it shares similarities with the aesthetics of PSX games, still presents a slight evolution, matching more with the visual style of many low poly games from the 90's PCs. As for the gameplay, there's not much to say here: you just move in a style similar to tank controls (in the same vibe as the first three Resident Evil games), and interact with objects, and this is where there's an interesting thing: during the interaction, you must type the required keys on the device to delay the reduction of the time bar that appears on the screen, and thus be able to fix the washing machines.

It would be interesting if foxdogstudios could move this game forward, working it harder and harder to become something bigger, with more content. Check out the Ghost in the Washing Machine gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, play the little game to try it out on the page. Just click on the respective links below.


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