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GLOOM: GARGOYLE: Face Obstacles to Obtain Artifacts from a Cemetery in this Action Game

Gloom: Gargoyle is an action-adventure game that is being produced by EnroGame and that was published on October 26th of this year, on the indie gaming platform The game does not have a defined plot, in fact it appears to be more like a concept than a game itself. You control an unnamed character in a graveyard, and your goal is to find two gargoyle-shaped artifacts to enable you to exit the place.

Graphically, Gloom: Gargoyle is interesting, with an almost cartoonish feel, but it needs a little more polish in my opinion. As for the gameplay, it's simple, but a bit stuck at times, especially when you're going to jump from one platform to another. To progress, you have magical abilities, such as the magic that lightens the space around you, another that allows you to move quickly and another that recharges your mana bar, at the cost of your life bar.

The game has great potential for more, we can only wait for the next news from EnroGame. Check out the gameplay of Gloom: Gargoyle and/or download the game by clicking on the links below.


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