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GOLEM: A Beautiful Puzzle Game Where You, a Golem, Must Find a Way Out The Aztec Ruins

Golem is an atmospheric and relaxing puzzle indie game that was released on November 29th of this year and tells a story of a Golem that comes to life inside ancient Aztec ruins and, to find a way out, the rock entity must solve some interesting puzzles.

The main point here in Golem is your gameplay style: here you have an ability to detaching yourself from your body to pass through some locals that are incompatible with your real size. The puzzles are very fun, the graphics are gorgeous, which shows some neatness from developers.

Until this moment, Golem finds itself in the development stage. We hope to get a complete version, as the game is so fun to play. Check out the gameplay right here and download by clicking on the link below:

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