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GONE FISHING: Collect Evidence of an Offshore Kidnapping in this Horror Game

Gone Fishing is a short indie first person horror simulation game that was produced by Raycast Games and published on October 30th this year, on the platform. In Gone Fishing, you control a detective who seeks to solve the case of the disappearance of two teenagers who are rumored to have been kidnapped by an obscure cult called Transitus. For that, you must use your fishing rod to fish for evidence.

According to the game's page, Gone Fishing was made in less than two weeks and was inspired by one of the "Corruption Videos" (Wii Sports) produced by Vinny Pizzapasta for his channel, Vinesauce. In terms of gameplay, you only control the fishing rod, using the mouse, to fish everything that comes your way. In the visual aspect, Gone Fishing has a low-poly style, inspired by PSX games. In this aspect, the game was very well designed. However, on a negative point, I would cite the lack of ending (precisely for the reason that the game dev itself mentioned). The game has a good potential to be better worked and bring a much better final result.

Check out the gameplay of Gone Fishing and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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