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GREGORE: An Violent Action Game Where You Have an Only One Option: Kill, Kill and Kill

Gregore is an action and stealth indie game that was published on September 20th of this year. Here, you are Gregor, an assassin that fights to find your place in a strange world, set in 2027 and which has unexpected situations.

Although the plot is so... odd to understand, the game presents some interesting points, beginning with the visuals: here, the game had some inspirations from the PS1 game's aesthetics, more precisely the Megaman Legends game. The commands are simple: you can walk, run, attack, and defend. The stealth feature here is not mandatory but is recommended if you don't like losing amounts of energy.

The bosses are not so difficult, but they give some annoyance; it's necessary to memorize each one's attacks to victory. The soundtrack is very cool, but is not original: it's a number of songs from various artists, what made the game developer release for free, in order to avoid copyright problems.

The game has few bugs, but one that made me doubt if it was really an inoffensive bug or was made of purpose was related to the second boss: I only crossed the door and, after the cutscene, the boss was still: no attacks, no movement, besides one message about an error of unity engine on the inferior left of the screen.

Gregore, despite being short, is a good game, with challenges on the right measure and still have different endings, an VR mode, and clothes for the main character. You will enjoy this game for a time. Check out the gameplay right here and download, if you're interested, in one of the links below:

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