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GUNS & BONES: Protect Your Base from Enemy Hordes of Monsters in this Mix of FPS and Tower Defense

Guns & Bones is an indie action game that mixes tower defense and first person shooter that is being produced by Orange Flag Games. A demo version of the game was published on May 10th of this year on the platform. The plot of Guns & Bones is quite simple, although it is likely to undergo some significant change: you are a mercenary who has been sent to a deserted city, and your mission is to protect it from hordes of monsters to prevent them from conquering the place and destroy humanity.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Guns & Bones mixes the best in tower defense style with the frenetic action of FPS games. Enemies come in waveforms, which can destroy city gates if you don't stop them, gates represented by the bar located at the top of the screen. As you destroy the waves of monsters, you'll earn upgrade points, ranging from increased gate resistance to even new weapons and increased firepower. The graphics part is not lacking; the game itself presents a very well done scenario and the monsters are on the border between the cartoonish and the realistic, hovering over a well dosed artistic balance.

Unfortunately, due to some bug that happens in the game, there is no way to end the fourth wave, as the last monsters end up trapped inside the assets, preventing them from reaching the area that is in your protection. But because it's a demo or a probable build, it's worth noting, since the game is still in the development stage. It would be great if there were more maps and more options for weapons, protection and powers in the store... Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can check out the Guns & Bones gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the demo on the page. The respective links can be accessed below.



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