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GUTS AND GORY: Face Creatures from Another Dimension and Destroy the Generators that Sustain It

Guts and Gory is a short indie first-person shooter action game that was produced by BlackOpsBen and published on February 27th of this year. The game has a very simple plot: you are in a facility, full of creatures of a non-reality dimension, and they are only visible when you see them. To prevent more of them from appearing, you must destroy the four "Degenerators", located at various points in the place.

Here we have a game where the character's control happens through the use of the two analog sticks of the gamepad: one for movement and another for aiming, in the style of some indie action games that use this. The graphics are well done, although there could be a slight improvement in them. It's worth remembering that this game was created for this year's Brackey's Game Jam, so what we have here is just a concept or even a "prototype". Guts and Gory has good potential, it is possible to make several maps using this scheme of destroying the generators, all this wrapped in an intriguing story that can arrest the player. It remains to be seen whether BlackOpsBen will move forward with this game or create something similar, but with enough body to be a great game. Only time will tell.

Check out Guts and Gory's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game on the platform. Just click on the respective links below.


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