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HAACHAMAWARE: Follow the Misadventures of Two Girls in this Fun WarioWare-inspired Action Game

HaachamaWare (a.k.a. HaachamaWare Inc.) is a fun indie action game produced by CenTdemeern1, hurikomi and RONIN0621 and with a demo version published on August 9th of this year on the indie gaming platform "". The game doesn't have a definite plot: what we can see, from the initial cutscene, is just a series of misadventures on the part of two cute girls trying to make tasty food, and that's where the game starts.

Right away we see that the game is strongly inspired by the WarioWare franchise: you participate in a series of minigames that must be solved in a short period of time, which become more challenging as the speed increases. For every set number of completed minigames, you enter a minigame boss, just like in WarioWare. The graphics and sound exude a lot of nostalgia, for presenting, respectively, a pixelated anime style and a chiptune sound. And this is quite referenced in the minigames, which go through Game Boy green screens, Pokémon evolutions and even Wario himself, the protagonist of the franchise that bears his name.

There is a negative point that we can even overlook, which is the fact that the demo has only four or five minigames, and that they are taking turns with each other all the time, even reaching a minigame to be repeated several times. It's something that makes the player a little tired, but if we remember that the game is under development, we end up letting it go. HaachamaWare is a fun game, with nostalgic references and an animated soundtrack that provide a good experience for anyone who enjoys games of this type or for anyone who is an anime fan in general.

Check out the gameplay of the demo by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game for both PC and Smartphones, or even play it on the game website itself, which can be accessed at the link below:

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