HAIKU, THE BABY ROBOT: recover the battery packs and save the world in this metroidvania game

Haiku, The Baby Robot is a platform and adventure game developed by Mister Morris where you play as Haiku, a baby robot that needs to find battery packs and take them to the central machine in order to stop the corruption of the world.

The game has several screens where you need to explore to acquire items and skills that will allow you to proceed in areas that were previously inaccessible, however, your energy runs out quickly, making you always return to the beginning of the map. Be quick and accurate to get battery packs and save the world.

Check out the gameplay

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SUPER 8 MARIO: a demake of the original Super Mario 64

Super 8 Mario is a platform game developed by AcroPR and a demake of the original Super Mario 64 where you explore one of the worlds of the plumber's 2d game. The game has as a highlight the care for

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