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Hamelin: A Short Horror Game that Reinterprets The "Tale of Pied Piper"

Hamelin is a horror indie game that takes part in the “Horror Folk” thematic, presented on the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam of this year. In the game, we see a reinterpretation of the “Hamelin’s Pied Piper” tale, from Grimm Brothers, that tells about a Piper, that doesn’t receive the payment for exterminating the rats plague and, as revenge, enchants the city’s children until they’re locked to death on a cave. Here in the game, you control a mouse that has a mission of setting the piper free, which was captured and condemned to burning to death on a bonfire. By talking about an event that has, as a proposal, to create games with low poly visuals, similar to the first PlayStation console games, it’s not necessarily talking about the graphics on Hamelin. They’re similar to these Sony console games and have your charm. Maybe the strong red colors can bother some players, but it has a part in the creepy aesthetics of the game. The gameplay is very simple: you can use the mouse to control… the mouse... (yeah, yeah, that’s an infamous pun), while the WASD keys are used to control the camera. The soundtrack is almost inexistent here and uses sound effects and tons in few moments, but this doesn’t take away the brightness of the game. Hamelin is a short game, but this doesn’t take the diversion of anyone who wants to play in a casual way. It’s a cool indie game to play on a Friday night. Check out the gameplay right here and, if you want to play the game, click on the link below:

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