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Hanged: a 2.5D horror game where you need to find your way out of a strange place with hanged people

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Hanged is a platform game with 2.5D adventure developed by TheMinusel where you control a being with a mask in a house full of hanged people. Now you need to find a way out and understand what's going on in the world.

2.5D gameplay was used a lot in the early 90s and here it returns to create a variety in horror games. In the game, you can interact with items, jump, climb platforms and walk around scenarios. There is no specific objective. You simply need to walk around and figure out what to do with each new scenario.

While we were experimenting with Hanged, we noticed some bugs such as not activating switches or the jump failed several times. There were also times when, after losing, the game simply did not return to the game, being necessary to give up the game and start from the last checkpoint.

Hanged is an obscure, climatic and enigmatic game. A good option for lovers of platform games and horror games.

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