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HAPPY GAME: A 2d horror game where you solve puzzles inside a little boy's nightmares.

Happy Game is a 2d indie horror game developed by Amanita Design where you play as a little boy who, while sleeping, goes into a terrible nightmare, full of cute and macabre images at the same time where your objective is to solve small puzzles and regain happiness of the boy.

The game has very beautiful visuals that mix, in its own art, cute and horror, where you can see charismatic characters turn into bizarre and scary beings devouring other characters and even mutilating creatures where you can even see organs being scattered .

The gameplay is the main highlight of the game, where you need to solve proposed puzzles without any hints shown on the screen. All you use to guide yourself is the logic and small gestures of the puzzle itself that can vary in difficulty, making the player think a lot before understanding the minigame logic in its almost 1 hour gameplay.

Check out the gameplay

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