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HAPPY HOUR: A Simulator Game Which You Must Solve Problems and Gain Cash for Beer

Happy Hour is a puzzle and simulation indie game created by DarxDev and launched on the "" website on December 30th of this year. You control a man who, after a long day at work, is in a bar at a happy hour. The problem is that you can't be satisfied with a few glasses, and ended up discovering that your wallet stayed at home, in addition to congested traffic. Now, it's up to you to find a way to get some money to keep drinking.

The game is very simple, from its polygonal graphics to its gameplay, which consists only of using the mouse to interact. The game works on the theme that "everything has a price", where each action in the game costs a kind of "drinking" time, that is, you must help people in their needs, and each step taken makes you end up staying sober gradually, leading to a game over.

The game has no soundtrack and needs more neat in my humble opinion. But despite that, the game is fun and worth it as an unpretentious pastime. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and download the game from the link:

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