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HARMFUL MEMORIES:Put the pieces in and out of the game in this melancholy horror game

Harmful Memories is a meta horror game developed by SentryTurbo that tells a melancholy story about suffering, loneliness and forgetfulness where for you to progress, you need to be in and out of the game.

The game has a high level of interactivity, requiring you to look beyond the obvious in order to be able to understand the entire narrative and reach its end. For this, whenever the game abruptly closes, it will be your turn to look for a new clue, outside the game, to continue it.


Harmful memories is a broken game. Which is a metaphor for someone who is broken and in pain. The episodes are short and you always have the game folder open.

After the first episode, from the long corridor. A txt file is created so that you understand what is going on. After that, open the game again.

Now you're in a kind of undergrowth. Walk to the end of the house, talk to the stranger and return to the enemy. Wait.

Now you need to find 4 items in this strange maze. Pay attention to the sound. This indicates that you need to get as far away as possible. After collecting everything, enter through the green light entrance.

Now another great corridor. Go to the end and get the code with the strange being.

With the code in hand, open the game folder and look for a file called "code_open" and enter the code. Close the window and open the game again.

Here is the most challenging part of the game. You need to take the stranger safely to the hospital on a path full of insects. Shoot them and reload whenever you can.

You are now in the same place as the second fragment. Scroll to the end.

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