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HAYAMI-CHAN 3: A visual novel horror game about someone who downloads the wrong anime from the web

Hayami-Chan 3 is an indie horror game as well as a visual novel developed by kunoleo where you are a 20 year old who is home alone and decides to download an anime from the web to watch while waiting for his parents to arrive. However, the anime seems to be cursed even with its protagonist, Hayami-Chan, being a very charismatic protagonist.

The game has some endings and has its gameplay based on point and click where you use the mouse cursor to interact with the scenario and with buttons that appear on the screen. You can browse the living room, kitchen, balcony and bedroom, with the bedroom being the place that allows you to spend your days by double-clicking the bed.

To pass the time faster, just place the mouse on the screen.

Check out the gameplay (ENDING 2)

Check out the gameplay (ENDING 3)

Check out the gameplay (ENDING 4)

Check out the gameplay (ENDING 5)


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