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HELLHUNT GB - 1991: A FPS Game where You Descend Into Hell to Seek your Dual Katanas

HellHunt GB: 1991 is an action and first-person shooter indie game created by T19Games and released on December 13 of this year. The game works as a kind of "prequel" to Hell Hunt game, which has your demo released on May 29 of this year and, as the last game works as a homage to FPS games of the 90s, as Quake, for example, the prequel was created with a style and visually similar to GameBoy games, with green screen and everything.

In this prequel, you are the very same Demon Hunter from the original game, with goes to Hell but, on the contrary of the original game, as you seek revenge, here in 1991 you seek your Dual Katanas, used on the original game.

The visual is typical from GameBoy games, the gameplay is simple, where you move by using the "WASD" keys, open doors with the "SPACE" bar, change weapons by using the "1, 2, and 3" keys, and attack by using Mouse Left Button. The soundtrack has only one music and repeats on and on the entire game.

Although the game is short, the game is cool and works well as a prequel to the original game, which will be probably released in 2021. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and play the game by clicking on the link below.

If you are interested in the Hell Hunt Game, take a chance to put the game on your Steam Wishlist, by clicking on this link below:

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