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HENDRY RUN: Collect Coins to Make Hendry Rich in this Cute Platformer Game

Hendry Run is a short indie platform adventure game that was produced by umn and published on December 12th of this year, on the itch.io platform. The game doesn't feature a plot: you just control Hendry the Fox in search of golden things to make him rich.

In visual aspects, Hendry Run has beautiful graphics within the game's proposal, making it attractive for its cuteness degree. The gameplay features a typical collect-a-thon, where you have little time and need to increase it by collecting coins, as well as moving to the next stage after collecting a certain number. It's a simple and straightforward platformer game.

Check out the gameplay of Hendry Run and, if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.


DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://umn.itch.io/hendry-run

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