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HEXBLADE: Face the Trial of the Cursed Sword Before It Consumes Your Soul in this Action Game

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Hexblade is a short indie game produced by Roger Goulart for Boss Rush Jam 2021, and published on August 8th of that year on the indie gaming platform "". In Hexblade, you control Alastor, known as the Blood Knight, who searches for the legendary sword Hexblade. Upon reaching the place where the sword is, he receives a visit from the Blademaster, an entity that created the sword. Blademaster proposes a challenge to Alastor, where he must defeat three monsters to gain possession of the weapon. Therefore, Alastor must defeat his enemies and prevent the sword, which is under an ancient curse, from consuming his soul forever.

As said at the beginning of the text, the game is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. It was produced for Boss Rush Jam, a game jam whose theme is already self-explanatory in the title: here, you face a Boss Rush, meaning you face boss after boss until you complete the entire mode or die in the process. The game offers support for controllers, which makes the experience a little better.

In graphical aspects, Hexblade presents an excellent pixel art look, from the portraits to the arena scenery, very well produced. As for the soundtrack, the music helps drive the fast-paced vibe within the game, though it's not as striking. Hexblade is an interesting project, with good potential to be expanded, with new ideas and so it can even become a great acquisition for the Metroidvania genre. We can only wait and hope that Roger transforms this project into something bigger. In the meantime, you can check out Hexblade's gameplay by clicking this link here. As for the download, the game can only be played inside the "" page, clicking on the link below:

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