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HINKETSU HOSPITAL: A Furious Action Game Where You Must Kill Enemies Until You Can't More

Hinketsu Hospital is a frantic action indie game created by Sunfish Kumano and published on December 2nd of this year. There's no plot in this game: you simply control a crazy girl with a sword that you must kill your enemies and pass through 99 floors of the hospital until you reach the end... or die trying.

I will talk about the technical aspects in one shot: Visuals are simple and cartoonish, the gameplay style is typical of many FPS games, but with the differential on the mouse: by holding the left mouse button you can attack and defend automatically, while the right button mouse allows you to crouch and see enemies through the walls or objects. The soundtrack is very generic and serves only as giving the tone to killing, and nothing more.

The game, until this moment, is in the trial version, having only the Endless Mode. According to the creator, the game is still under development and certainly will have a full version, probably with some changes that will make this game so different from this demo. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the demo on the link below.

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