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HOARDER'S HORRIBLE HOUSE OF STUFF: A Puzzle Which You Must Find a Way to Get Out of Home

Hoarder's Horrible House of Stuff is a Puzzle indie game created by alesan99 and released on on December 26 of this year. You are a guy who lives his life, quietly, as a hoarder. However, you need to get out of your house, but you find out that the way to the garage is blocked by the things that you accumulated. Now you must find a way to go to the garage.

The game itself is very simple: you only move and interact. There are 11 rooms, and in every one of them, you must find a better route to pass through the doors. During the journey, you must put the clothes on the basket, find lost keys and, if you get stuck in the puzzle, you have the ability to rewind (in the best VHS style) the gameplay, correcting your mistake, and finish the puzzle.

The game is short but is very fun and it's worth playing for some minutes of casual diversion. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link (also the same link where the gif image came from) below:

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