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HOOKED: Hook Yourself through an Alien Dungeon in this 3D First-Person Puzzle Game

Hooked is an indie first-person puzzle adventure game being produced by School for Games and currently in the development stage. A demo version, however, was published on February 17th of this year, on the platform. In Hooker, you control a space explorer, who wakes up inside an ancient alien temple, in the company of a floating robot. After taking your first steps into a room, you find an artifact, a bow that can fire special arrows that can pull out anything attached to it. Now it's up to you to use this artifact to solve puzzles and prove yourself worthy of being the "Keeper of the Bow".

The game is being produced by a team of 13 people and features very well produced graphics. However, its highest point is in the gameplay, more precisely in the solution of puzzles: thanks to the bow, you can move, pull and create links between objects, just connect or connect the object (generally they are shiny cubes) to a purple grid (the only place that receives the effects of arrows) and then you, pressing the E key, will be pulled to the grid. The Q key is mostly used when you're going from one platform to another, and it's used to cut the link while you're in midair, propelling you to the next platform.

As a puzzle game, Hooked is an interesting experience. You can check out this experience by watching the gameplay on our channel or, if you're interested, download the demo. All you need to do is just click on the respective links below.



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