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HORROR TALES: THE WINE: Find a Wine Bottle to Heal Your Loved Ones in this Psy-Horror Game

Horror Tales is a trilogy of indie horror and adventure games and first-person psychological horror produced by Carlos Coronado. The first chapter of the trilogy, entitled "The Wine" was published on July 30th of this year. In this chapter, you explore the capital of a Mediterranean island that was devastated by a deadly pandemic called "Devil's Fevers". What was once an inspiration to tourists, the post-pandemic capital has now become an abandoned city, full of horrific nightmares. Your objective is to explore the city to find a bottle of Banydebosc wine, which is believed to be able to cure illnesses, and thus use it to save the lives of your loved ones. However, this can be an arduous task, as you end up becoming the target of an unknown stalker.

Visually, there's no doubt about it, Horror Tales: The Wine is magnificent. The graphics are very well done, the scenery ranges from inspiring to terrifying at each place you enter, everything here was done in a very neat way. In terms of gameplay, "The Wine" offers us a simple gameplay, but that is compensated with the level of challenges that we have at any given time. In addition to the tense moments provided by the unknown stalker, the other aspect of tension is the puzzles, which require you to use your head a little to solve them.

Without a doubt, "The Wine" is an interesting psychological horror experience that gains strength with the challenging puzzles to solve. The second chapter, titled "The Beggar" and the third, titled "The Astronaut", are scheduled to be released on December 1st and 29th this year, respectively. As for "The Wine", you can get it by accessing its page on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5. As for gameplay, you can check it by clicking on this link here.


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