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HUNDRED FIRES: Infiltrate a Mysterious Island in the Middle of the Cold War in this tribute to MGS

Hundred Fires is an action and stealth indie game being produced by davidamado and featuring a demo as well as episode 1 published on November 13th this year, on the platform. In Hundred Fires, you control a soldier who must fulfill a mission: to eliminate a mysterious Japanese nuclear weapons developer on an unknown island during a Cold War period. To accomplish this mission, you'll use all your infiltration, espionage and stealth skills.

Hundred Fires is nothing less than an homage to one of the most acclaimed game series of the genre: Metal Gear (more precisely the Solid series). Everything, absolutely everything here exudes influences from the franchise created by Hideo Kojima. The demo is nothing more than a version inspired by the V.R. Missions Mode (Metal Gear Solid, from the PSX). The graphics are excellent and very well done, and the gameplay needs no comments: if you have played any game from the Solid Snake series, you will certainly be able to play Hundred Fires satisfactorily.

So far only Episode 1 has been produced. It remains to wait for the next episodes that will surely come. Check out the gameplay of Hundred Fires and download the demo or buy episode 1 by clicking the links below.


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