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HYPERCONTENTICA: A Psychological Horror Experience about the Dangers of the Metaverse

*** [ WARNING! ] This game contains bright, flashing imagery that may cause discomfort and/or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Player discretion is advised. ***

Hypercontentica is a short indie first-person simulation and adventure game that was produced by halcdev and published on January 16th of this year on the platform. You start the game by waking up in your room. You have a strange technological coffin that allows you to access the Neuraverse, a huge virtual world where you can do whatever you want. However, when you enter it, you find that your premium subscription plan has expired, and the system puts you back on the free plan, where you can access your world (a relaxing beach) after going through an advertisement experience.

The word Hypercontentica means a "state of being overly saturated with content, advertisements and information that is largely useless". The game is a psychological thriller/horror experience that clearly tackles the dangers of the metaverse (or in more real meaning, the life of someone who lives tied to the internet). In my opinion, the message is interesting and despite the simple graphics and gameplay, I believe they were produced in this way to match the idea proposed by the developer. The game features three challenges, all taking place within the advertisement experience.

In the end, the game is more of an experience than a game. But it's still worth checking out, just download the game from the page or, if you prefer, check out the gameplay we made for the channel. Just click on the links below.


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