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I AM THE CARETAKER: A Horror Game where You Investigate Weird Anomalies Through Security Cameras

I Am the Caretaker is an indie simulation, puzzle and horror game produced by Piotr Rycabel and published on July 26 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, your job is to monitor all six of a facility's dressers through a network of security cameras. You should note any changes or anomalies that appear on the dressers and file a report.

The game was created in a few days as a daily exercise by Piotr. According to him, the gameplay idea was based on another game, called I'm on Observation Duty, which makes I Am the Caretaker a kind of homage to the aforementioned game. Here the gameplay is very simple: you only need to click on the cameras to observe the dressers, looking for anomalies that appear throughout the game. Anomalies can range from a simple chair that was in one place and then appears in another, to manifestations of ghosts, intruders, and interdimensional activities.

There is not much to comment on here. The game features a more ambient "soundtrack", giving that experience of anticipation and anxiety (for the worse, of course) to the player. In visual aspects, the game only consists of static images, with the exception of some items that are modified during playtime and even 3D models that move, from spheres to people. All of this, added to a gameplay experience, makes the game interesting and even fun.

I Am the Caretaker can be completed in a few minutes. It's something fun worth checking out even if it's to hang out. The gameplay of the game can be watched by clicking on this link here. If you want to have this experience, you can download the game on the page below:

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