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IMPASTO: Explore the Dark and Terrifying World of Francisco Goya's Works in This Horror Game

Impasto is an indie first-person horror adventure game being produced and developed by alex tomkow, ani, dehaotu, Ian Mize, incognitocas, WesleyW and frankmashiro, and according to them, the full version is expected to be released in June or July this year, on the Steam platform. However, the team made a demo version available in Early Access on the platform on May 11th. In Impasto, you are none other than Mariano Goya, grandson of the famous and talented Spanish painter Francisco Goya, who explores his grandfather's mansion in order to unravel his great (and mysterious) legacy. When you arrive there, you are faced with the disturbing world that your grandfather presented through his vast paintings. And he discovers that each painting takes him to the worlds he created. Now it's up to you to find out more about these worlds, interact with the people who live in them, face the challenges and dangers, and find a way to find out about whatever brought these paintings to life.

Impasto began as an undergraduate project produced at the University of Southern California in collaboration with students from the Otis College of Art Design, and California State University, Fullerton, in addition to the help of volunteers from around the world. And it's no wonder, because this huge collaboration managed to bring us an impressive project, both in the artistic aspect and in the world created here. Starting with the graphics, Impasto creates something that can be seen in the famous Nintendo game "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword". The game features two types of aesthetics that refer to the worlds you find yourself in: one, set in the "real world", presents a practically realistic look, with solid colors and well-polished graphics, and another, set in the world of Goya's paintings, where both the scenarios and the characters present an artistic look inspired by Neoclassicism, Romanticism and even Rococo, something that undoubtedly shows not only a great artistic knowledge but an excellent creative ability on the part of the team.

The gameplay, on the other hand, although it is simple and has a simulative behavior, has a strong focus on the puzzle: as Impasto wants to portray the dark and terrifying world of Francisco Goya's works, this implies in situations where you will have to use stealth to avoid the hazards that come your way. An example of this is in a painting where you need to avoid crossing paths with the Holy Inquisition (they kill anyone who doesn't belong to that world) in search of two pages of sheet music to be given to a blind musician. It seems that each painting will bring a different world, with different challenges and different enemies, and maybe that's what makes Impasto something unique, with an excellent immersion.

While Impasto is not yet available on digital platforms, you can check out the game's gameplay on our channel. If you are interested in entering the dark world of Francisco Goya's works, you can download the demo from the page. The respective links are available below.



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