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IN THESE CAVES: Investigate Dark Caves and their Mysteries in Search of Your Daughter's Whereabouts

In These Caves is a first-person survival horror indie game being produced by SpoocleMacBoogle and which had its demo version published on January 9th of this year, on the platform. In the game, you explore dark caves in search of your daughter, who, along with the inhabitants of a small town, entered these caves and never returned.

The game has a retro style that is very reminiscent of the style of games produced before the end of the PSX's life (remembering that the games released near the end of Sony's 32 bit console were the ones that most explored the limitations of the hardware, presenting as a result end excellent graphics). Besides, this one is a survival horror in the good sense of the word: you need to be very careful when venturing into the darkness of the caves, accumulating as much ammunition as possible and managing bullets well while running away from your enemies and, in the caves. you'll also find written notes from miners who lived there, recounting events that further the plot.

Check out the gameplay of In These Caves and, if you are interested, download the demo by clicking on the respective links below.


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