INTO THE LIGHT: An Adventure Game where a Call for Help leads to a Sinister Place

Into the Light is a first-person adventure and psychological horror indie game produced by 2L Games and published on January 27th of this year on the website "". In Into the Light, you control a man who, after waking up in a car accident in the middle of a storm, seeks help at a gas station near the accident site, but he sees that there is no one there and, following wiring behind the post, he realizes that this search for help will take him where no one had gone before.

Right from the start, we see that the game features well-made graphics, with a frighteningly realistic look, from the trees that surround the place to the soda cans at the gas station store. The game is well focused on the narrative and has the narration coming from the character himself. You will discover the events as you walk and explore the place since the character always comments on something.

The soundtrack, composed by Haakon Davidsen, is very good and provides, in a very interesting way, the atmosphere at the same time relaxing and mysterious of the place where the character is. Despite being a prototype, Into the Light is a great experience and has great potential to be a good game. Watch the gameplay by clicking here, or have the experience of playing by downloading it from the link below:

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