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JINGOKU: complete as many minigames as you can before the JENGA tower collapses!

Jingoku is an indie game with a collection of minigames developed by Dreyan where you play a Jenga minigame that, after taking a piece from the tower, a minigame opens for you to play. Each minigame won, a point is added to your score, however, the time to understand and solve the puzzles is short and you need to keep the tower of wooden pieces intact as much as possible.

The highlight of the game are its minigames. In the best Wario Ware or ware games style, you'll have to hit targets, find pairs, fly a paper plane, cross a river using tree trunks, explode balloons in the correct order and more ahead of time, represented by a paviled line lit at the bottom of the screen, end.

Check out the gameplay

Download Jingoku


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