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JIT: BREA'S STORY: Help a Journalist Investigate a Crime in this Game From the Ash Pines Universe

Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story is an indie adventure and interactive fiction game with touches of horror that is being produced by Stranga Games and which so far does not have a set release date, but a demo version was published on January 28th this year, along with an Early Access of Tape 1 (what could be considered as the first chapter of the game) for sale, on the platform. Brea's Story is a prequel to Just Ignore Them, a game released on October 17th, 2016, and it is in this prequel that we get to know the story of Breanna Tena, a journalist who lives with her boyfriend in a boring small town. She starts to question her choices in life when her boyfriend gets a story for her to create a story, but it's not just any story, but something that will bring a huge change in her career: a murder case in the city of Ash Pines. Without thinking twice, she decides to travel to this city and unravel the mysteries that happen there.

Apparently, Brea's Story takes place in the same universe as the Ash Pines game, so we can already understand that the game will present some peculiarities that we saw in Ash Pines. According to the developer, Brea's Story has strong influences from the classic adventure games Snatcher and Snatcher SD, works produced by Hideo Kojima, so we see that the game can have a good narrative that at the same time makes us know the characters and their motivations, even tie them to everything that surrounds the game Ash Pines and maybe even to other characters. The visual is in pixel art, just like in Ash Pines, and it even presents an excellent evolution, compared to its sequel, Just Ignore Them (in fact, here's a suggestion for the developer: it would be very good for this game to present a version remastered, with the pixel art style of now, because visually it is very weak).

The gameplay is simple and has more focus on the narrative: you interact with items and people through the options that the game offers, which is very reminiscent of titles like Monkey Island, for example. Currently, with chapter 1 in the Early Access stage and with two more chapters to be produced, Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story is a very interesting game, with a good narrative, characters that have a certain charisma and simple but simple gameplay. functional.

You can check out the game's gameplay or, if you're interested, download the demo or even buy the first chapter as Early Access. Just click on the respective links below.



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