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KARANTIIN: Grab Your Guns and Kill Whatever Appears in Front of You in this FPS/Survival Horror Game

Karantiin is an indie survival horror and first person shooter game being developed by the eponymous dev game and which has a demo version published on October 21st this year on the indie gaming platform As it is a game in development stage, Karantiin does not present a plot: you just enter the game, select the mission, find a weapon and kill whatever appears in front of you.

As it's just a demo version, and an alpha version on top, there's not much to talk about Karantiin: what we see here is a typical FPS where the fun is making headshots on zombies. As for the graphics, the game has a great look, a little realistic both in characters and in items and scenarios.

So far we don't know when the full version will be released. However, Karantiin offers us a great action and survival experience, with a generous amount of weapons to use and enemies in droves to kill. Check out Karantiin's gameplay by clicking on this link here and if you are interested, you can download the alpha demo from the page below.


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