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KITTY KART 64 - Download Game

Kitty Kart 64 is a racing game with horror elements developed by Scrunklesoft Interactive where you play a kart racing cat on a track full of colors. However, you are alone in the place and the lap count doesn't work. Plus, there's something strange about the place.

In Kitty Kart 64 you have a Mario Kart 64 type of horror that mixes opposing elements in an experience full of mysteries and secrets in a true slope of horrors where deeper and deeper, things become more bizarre and frightening.

The visuals of Kitty Kart 64 are good and use 3D scenarios with pre-rendered 2D assets just like in Mario Kart 64. As for the sound, the game only has sound effects and focuses on exploration gameplay where you must try new paths that are not always so obvious.

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