KNIGHTIN'+: An Adventure and Puzzle Game where You Hunt Monsters for Gold and Fame

Knightin'+ is an adventure and puzzle indie game that has many Legend of Zelda influences and tones of comedy. Here you are Lootalot, an odd blue knight that enters into dungeons and kills everything that appears there to, at the end of the day, earn gold and fame.

The game itself is very simple: like many Zelda 2D games, you walk into a dungeon, guiding yourself through a map, kill your enemies, collect items or buy some of them in a special room and kill the boss. Simple and fun as a good adventure game shall be. Speaking of graphics, the game has a charming retro style that goes from the characters to every detail of dungeons.

The soundtrack is good and well enjoyed, and nothing more. And I will not need even extend myself about the gameplay: you can move and get abilities during the playtime. Check out the gameplay right here and download the demo (or buy the game) by clicking on one of the links below:

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