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KUROFUNE SAMURAI: Save a Village and its People from Foreign Oppressors in this Action Game

Kurofune Samurai is an indie action and hack n' slash game that was produced by hammergames and published on September 24th of this year, and updated on October 9th, on the platform. In Kurofune Samurai, you control a samurai who responds to calls for help from a people in a village oppressed by a ruler who allied with the American armed forces in 19th century Japan. Your objective is to face ninjas and armed guards and save the people from their oppressors.

Hammergames is a well-known figure on the channel, he produced interesting games like Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story and The Patriots. The games have a strong historical and even political context at times, and here it's no different in terms of the story. The graphics are excellent, very well polished, showing an evolution on the part of gamedev. The gameplay is very simple, you use the WASD keys for movement, Q to roll and E for defense, while the Mouse is used for both camera, primary and secondary attacks and to lock the crosshairs on an enemy.

Perhaps the only problems I found here are the gameplay time (being very short) and the lack of translation of the final texts into English, besides that, the game is very fun. Check out the gameplay of Kurofune Samurai and download the game by clicking on the links below.


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