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LAKE FACADE: Explore, Fish and Discover the Mysteries Hidden within a Fishing Park

Lake Facade is an indie first person adventure game with touches of horror that is being developed by Rexoto Games and whose apparently full version (perhaps a beta version) was published on December 22nd this year, on the platform. The game was produced for DreadXP's Dredge the Depths Jam and, although it doesn't present a defined plot, the player can imagine the story when playing it: you find yourself in the famous Lake Facade, considered a good place to rest and fish, but it it is also full of mysteries, some of them related to the lake and its depths. It's up to you to explore the place, fish and investigate the mysteries that surround it.

In terms of graphics, we can say that the game is quite competent, presenting a style strongly inspired by the visuals of PSX games. Also the gameplay is simple, but it works well within the game. There's also something interesting inside the game: at any given time, you find something that requires simultaneous translation, just search on google for sources (just search for "lovecraftian alphabet", this will help with the translation). But as it's not all flowers, there are some bugs present in this version: some that are kind of funny, as it was with the fish stopped on the way down the lake, some really weird, as was the case of a book in a pit, and a very uncomfortable, which was when he entered the lake, and then left and came back again, bugging the scene in the depths.

The game has two endings, one of them having the translation of the texts as necessary, in order to proceed and thus understand the story. Check out the gameplay of Lake Facade (both endings) and, if you're interested, download the game by clicking on the links below.






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