LAPLACE'S DEMON: A Action Game Where You Must Find Your Way in a Lifeless, Mechanical World

Laplace's Demon is an action and fighting indie game created by DespairGames and published on December 04 of this year. In this game, you are an android that finds yourself on a completely lifeless Earth, dominated by machines. She embarks in a journey of reflection, reliving the past and understanding the present, to project the future and comprehend your existence.

On graphics and visuals, the game is impressive: Laplace's Demon presents a world which has a mixture of Dark Fantasy and Sci-Fi High Tech, The soundtrack is scarce and has only one music, which runs through the entire demo playtime. On the other side, the controls are simple but easier to learn. In certain moments, you will hack some terminals, and this will lead you to some kind of cyberspace, where the gameplay style changes from a 3D to a 2D platform.

The game is, until this moment, in a Prototype version. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the demo on the link below.

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