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LASAGNA BOY (2020): Find a Way to Escape from a Monster-Infested Castle in this Puzzle Game

Lasagna Boy (2020) is an indie puzzle, adventure, and horror game produced by Trashy Rascal Studios and with a demo version published on April 17, 2020, on the indie gaming platform "". The game is a spiritual successor to the classic version, produced in 2018. The storyline is somewhat similar to the previous version: you are a food delivery man who will deliver a lasagna to your customer. The difference is that in this version, instead of being trapped in a house with a crazy scientist, here you end up trapped in a castle, and to escape, you will need the help of the castle owner's daughter.

As stated above, the game is an enhanced version of the 2018 game, and in fact, comparing the two versions, we see a huge evolution in the 2020 version. The look, despite being inspired by the games of the first Game Boy, Nintendo's portable console is much more attractive, full of details, and with some very impressive sprite animations.

The puzzle element remains firm and strong here: you will come across code panels, objects that are only triggered when picking up items located in other locations on the scene, among others. The element of stealth that was used in the previous version and that was the highlight of it, remains excellent in the current version: you need to hide from the view of monsters, otherwise, they will kill you. At certain times you will need to deactivate your lighter (yes, you carry a lighter for the entire game) to go unnoticed by them, even though it is apparently in your field of vision.

There is a very interesting bonus that will bring a difference in the game: now the protagonist will be able to defend himself from monsters and bosses, but this you will only discover by playing the demo, which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Enjoy and click on this link here to watch the gameplay of this new version of Lasagna Boy:

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