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LEFT FOR CHORES: Use Everything at Your Disposal to Survive the Zombies in this Simulation Game

Left for Chores (or LFC) is a short indie simulation and first person survival game that was made in 48 hours by Philippe Sylvestre (and collaborators) for the VGDC Fall Game Jam and published on November 21st of this year, on the platform of indie games. The game followed the theme "Everything we need is already here", proposed by Game Jam and that's exactly what you have here: you find yourself in a house surrounded by zombies, who are about to devour your brain. As you have all the material you need to survive, you must complete all objectives within 5 minutes. Otherwise it's game over.

The game itself is very simple, both in visuals and in gameplay. Your role here is just to go after various items to make some devices work or trigger mechanisms to kill zombies (such as getting gas and matchbox to trigger the fireplace and burn the zombie that is hanging by the chimney). Despite being simple, the game proves to be very fun and competent. However, there are a few things I've missed here: one of them is a major graphics enhancement (I'll explain: the game doesn't look much like the screenshots on the page. If that was lack of update or something similar, I don't know, but the game images were much nicer), and another thing is that there could be more stages, to extend the game and the fun more.

Let's remember again that the game was produced for a Game Jam, but the game could be reworked for something with potential. We can only wait to see what can come out of there. In the meantime, you can check out the Left for Chores gameplay and download the little game by clicking on the links below.


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