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LETTERS TO THE METRO: Face the Stairway to Your Past in this Thrilling Game

Letters to the Metro is an indie horror narrative game produced by Arya Bakhsheshi, and published on February 5th this year, on the "itch.io" platform. You control a man who, while walking towards a subway, starts to remember the past, of what his life was like back then. Upon arriving at the station, he realizes that not only is access to the subway closed, but there is no one present there either. When taking the keys in a room, and using them to open a corridor, the man finds himself in a completely different place from where he was, with several rooms that, along with the information he finds along the way, portray various periods of his life.

The game presents a very retro look, paying homage to the 32-bit era. Likewise, it features a camera system similar to Resident Evil and, at times, Silent Hill. Incidentally, the game itself has much similarity with the latter mentioned than Resident Evil, starting with the other camera at a certain time in the game, and also the scheme of parallel worlds, as you will see during the game.

Yes, the inspiration for Silent Hill is so great that he is even mentioned indirectly in this scene.

The gameplay apparently has the same Resident Evil scheme (tank control, as we call that), but it is executed in a different way, which can confuse the player a lot, even more in puzzle moments, where the difficulty is more due to the control of the character than the puzzle in itself.

Despite this small inconvenience, the game, as a whole, is very good and worth taking some time to play it. Check out the gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the game from the link below:


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